ChemCam RMI mosaics

mission specific


Although not archive products, RMI mosaics produced by the ChemCam team have been added to the Notebook. Annotations on the mosaic image denote locations of ChemCam LIBS data acquisition. In addition, some mosaics have contour images that show the mosaic footprint drawn on a Mastcam image. Each mosaic is associated with a target.

RMI mosaic example

Let's look at an RMI mosaic from sol 1500. There are two images: a mosaic and a contour product.

This mosaic shows the location of 9 LIBS targets, and the contour image shows the mosaic location outlined on a Mastcam image for context. Each image (mosaic and contour) can be viewed full size in the Notebook.

You can download a zip file containing all of the pertinent data: mosaic, contour image, PDS labels, and LIBS data for any given mosaic. A table with a download link is shown for any product that is part of the mosaic (the source images, LIBS data, or even the Mastcam image used by the contour image). Here is an example:

Usage notes

A named target is associated with each RMI mosaic. A link to detailed targeting information is provided when the target is one of the known planning targets.

The mosaic PDS label includes a mapping for each LIBS location to the SCLK (spacecraft clock) value of the corresponding LIBS data product in the archive. This mapping is used to build the zip file of mosaic components that can be downloaded in the Notebook.