File naming for MSL MMM EDRs and single frame RDRs

mission specific


EDRs and single frame image RDRs generated by OPGS share the common file naming convention described on this page. File names take the pattern consisting of fixed-size fields:

Field sol inst prodid CDPID cntr CDPID type GOP cntr ver _ proc . ext
Position 1-4 5-6 7-15 16-17 18-22 23 24 25 26 27-30 31 32-34

Details of the file name fields are given below.

sol - Sol

Positions 1-4, 4 numeric characters representing the MSL sol on Mars, or 4 alpha characters representing ground testing phase.

value Meaning
0000-9999 MSL sol on Mars
ATL_ ATLO (JPL and KSC venues)
CAL_ Calibration (instrument stand-alone)
CRU_ Cruise
DEL_ Delivery (instrument delivery to JPL-Caltech)
DEV_ Development (instrument assembly)
TVC_ Thermal/Vac (instrument stand-alone)

inst - Instrument

Positions 5-6, 2 alpha characters representing instrument ID, denoting the source MSL science or engineering instrument that acquired the data.

inst Meaning
ML Mastcam Left
MR Mastcam Right

prodid - Product ID

Positions 7-15, 9 characters as a product type identifier. The first 6 digits are the Sequence ID, and the remaining 3 digits are the Sequence line, or Command number.

CDPID cntr - Camera data product identifier counter

Positions 16-17, 2 numeric digits representing a counter for the number of times a CDPID for this instrument has been used (product erasures in NVM will re-use a CDPID). This is a single natural number starting at 1.

CDPID - Camera data product identifier

Positions 18-22, 5 numeric digits representing a value that is uniquely assigned by the camera to an image product. It is a numeric handle within NVM. Compression variations or thumbnails will share the same CDPID. This is a single natural number starting at 1.

type - Product type

Position 23 - 1 alpha character representing the type of product.

type Meaning
A Raster 16 bit image
B Raster 8 bit image
C Losslessly compressed raster 8 bit image
D JPEG grayscale image
E JPEG 422 image
F JPEG 444 image
G Raster 8 bit thumbnail
H JPEG grayscale thumbnail
I JPEG 444 thumbnail
J Raster 8 bit video
K Losslessly compressed raster 8 bit video
L JPEG grayscale video
M JPEG 422 video
N JPEG 444 video
O Raster 8 bit video thumbnail
P JPEG grayscale video thumbnail
Q JPEG 444 video thumbnail
R JPEG 444 focus merge image
S JPEG grayscale range map image
T JPEG 444 focus merge thumbnail
U JPEG grayscale range map thumbnail

GOP cntr - GOP counter

Position 24, 1 character representing a hexadecimal index of the image within a GOP. The value is 0 for non-GOP products.

ver - Version

Position 25, 1 alphanumeric character used to identify multiple versions of a product. Versions may be different compressions or duplicates for the same camera product. Versions start at 0 (indicating original image as stored on-board within each camera). For each image received, increment by 1. Versions are unique for each CDPID Counter and CDPID.

ver Meaning
0, 1, ... 9 0-9
A, B, ... Z 10-35

proc - Processing code

Positions 27-30, 4 alpha characters representing processing code. Codes indicate ground processing performed on the camera product. No processing (EDR) is indicated by all fill characters (XXXX). As many as four codes may be indicated for a given product.

proc Meaning
C Color corrected or contrast stretched
D Decompressed
L Linearized
R Radiometrically calibrated
X Fill character

ext - Extension

Positions 32-34, 3 alphanumeric characters denoting the file type.

ext Meaning
DAT Original camera data product
LBL Label file for .DAT or .IMG files
IMG Binary image data