MSL data archived using PDS4 standards

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The Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity rover) mission is transitioning data deliveries from using PDS3 standards to using PDS4 standards by March 2024. Data released prior to this time will be migrated to PDS4 standards at a later time.

Status of MSL mission-produced data sets

  Instrument Data set Sol range PDS archive standard Notebook status
APXS All All PDS3 Online
ChemCam All All PDS3 Online
CheMin All All PDS3 Online
DAN All All PDS3 Online
Hazcam, Navcam All All PDS3 Online
MARDI All All PDS3 Online
Mastcam All All PDS3 Online
MAHLI All All PDS3 Online
RAD All All PDS3 Online
REMS All All PDS3 Online
SAM RDR All PDS3 Online

Table updated 14 February 2023.


Status of derived products from individual investigators

Additional data in the MSL archive are derived from mission-produced data. These data are making their way into the Notebook. Use the links in the "PDS node access" column below to view the data.

  Instrument Data set Archive standard Notebook status
APXS Overview of MSL APXS Targets, sols 0 to 2301 PDS4 Not yet loaded
APXS Summary and Geological Context of MSL APXS Targets from Sols 0 to 3076 PDS4 Not yet loaded
ChemCam Passive Surface Spectra PDS4 Not yet loaded
Mastcam Mastcam Photometry Cubes PDS4 Not yet loaded


N/A Database of Diagenetic Features in the Clay-Rich Unit of Gale Crater, Mars PDS4 Not yet loaded