Site, drive, and pose

Instead of street addresses or latitude/longitude, rover locations are given as a combination of site, drive, and pose (or sometimes just site and drive, or even just site).

Site, drive, and pose define a location hierarchy. The science team (somewhat arbitrarily) declares a location as a new site. That resets the drive and pose values to zero, for example, site 4, drive 0, pose 0. When the drive system determines it's time for a new drive location within the current site, the drive is incremented and the pose is reset to 0. The values for site almost always increment by 1. Drive values rarely do.

Site/drive/pose locations are usually shown in the Notebook without using the words drive and pose. For example, you might see Site 8 / 610 / 4 meaning site 8, drive 610, pose 4.

The ROVER_MOTION_COUNTER value in data product labels contains the site, drive, and pose information for a given product.


The science team sometimes refers to "site and position" rather than "site and drive". Yes, it can be confusing.