Perseverance Analyst's Notebook

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Mars 2020 AN

The Perseverance Analyst's Notebook in available as a beta web application! Some functionality is reduced relative to other Notebooks. We will bring on additional features in the coming months.

Known limitations

Lack of image mosaics and radiometrically corrected images.

With release 3, operations camera (Hazcam, Navcam, non-science Mastcam-Z) image mosaics and RDRs have been released for the first 89 sols, and the RDRs have been loaded into the Notebook. We are working on enabling the image measurement tools for these data . (Read about processing levels and product types to learn about EDRs and RDRs). RDR images from CacheCam, Helicopter, MEDA, Mastcam-Z, SuperCam, and SHERLOC are released and included in the Notebook.

Science targets are not available.

Target locations are defined by the science team at a given pixel coordinate within an image. Overwhelmingly, these locator images are mosaics and radiometrically corrected images that have not been released by the mission at this time (see previous section). When these images are released, target functionality will be available in the Notebook. In addition, science sample dossiers with descriptive information about each collected sample will be added to the Notebook.

Limited browse versions of data.

Some data do not show browse versions when opened in the Notebook. We are working with instrument teams to offer browse versions of non-image data. Despite the lack of browse versions, the archive data are available for discovery and download.

PDS Mars 2020 archive

The NASA Planetary Data System curates the Mars 2020 archive, available by going to the PDS Geosciences Node Mars 2020 archive page ( .

Additional information

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