Target views

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These views provide information about a target in the target detail page. Available views depend on the target.


Shows a quicklook version (sometimes called a browse version) of target plotted on a locator frame (image). The locator frame is the image used by the science team to define the target. The contents of the product overview depends on the data type.


  • Clicking on the image brings up the target plotted on the locator frame in full resolution.

Links to data

  • Some MSL APXS and ChemCam data are linked to specific targets, as are some MER APXS data. Clicking on a link will open the related data. The links between targets and MER Moessbauer, RAT, and Microscopic Imager (MI) data are less well-defined. For example, the science team may have noted that some of the MI data collected on a given sol relate to a target, though not which images. In these cases, the target has a link to the data search for the given instrument and sol to assist the user with the task of locating the related data.

Full-resolution image

View the locator frame with plotted target at full resolution. Use the mouse or on screen controls to zoom and pan about the image.

Locator frame PDS label

Shows the PDS label for the locator frame.

Other images of this target

The Notebook employs an automated procedure to find other images containing the target. The accuracy of varies depending on the distance from the rover to the target when it was defined. In some cases, that target may be obscured in an image.

Definition metadata

Metadata collected during target definition is displayed. Examples of metadata include sol, locator frame ID, pixel position of target within the locator frame, site, and drive.