Mission summaries

The mission summaries tables provide an overview of surface operations. Information is derived from the mission science and instrument teams reports.

Historical overview

The historical overview summarizes a mission's surface operations with brief entries for each day's activity. There are several ways to interact with the overview table.

  • Sort the list by clicking on the column headers.
  • Filter (search) the list by entering a value into a box under a given header and pressing the enter key. For example, to show entries for a given site, type the desired site number into the box under the "Site" column header and press enter. You can reset the table by clicking the "Reload table" button above the table.
  • Follow a link in the table. For example, clicking on a sol number will open the sol summary for that sol.
  • Download the overview table as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet. Click on the link corresponding to the desired output type above the table. Any sort or filter operations you have made will be reflected in the download version.

Science targets

MERApplies to the
MSLApplies to the

A sortable, searchable list of science targets defined by the team provides an overview with links to additional detail. Note that names have been assigned to areographic features by the respective mission team for planning and operations purposes. The names are not formally recognized by the International Astronomical Union.

Time table

INSApplies to the
InSight AN
M20Applies to the
Mars 2020 AN
MERApplies to the
MSLApplies to the
PHXApplies to the

A table of timekeeping values for each sol of InSight, MER, and MSL landed operations is included in the Notebook. The table may be sorted and downloaded.


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