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The Mission summaries include a table that summarizes landed operations with brief entries for each day's activity.

What's in the table

Each row of the Mission historical overview table includes a sol value (or range of sols for the InSight mission), a summary of activity, and on or more time measurements. The activities listed are derived from Mission Manager and Documentarian reports provided by the mission team. The columns are:

  • Sol - the sol count of the mission, beginning with landing. Clicking on a sol will open the Sol summary table to that sol. Note that for the InSight mission, sol is represented by start and end values.
  • Activity - a brief summary of the sol's activity. In cases when the InSight Mission Manager report is unavailable, activities are derived from the look ahead plans in a previous report and are denoted by an asterisk.
  • Start site - the rover site number at the start of the sol is given for MSL Curiosity and MER Spirit and Opportunity rovers.
  • Solar longitude - the solar longitude angle (generally written Ls or Ls), in degrees.
  • UTC - the date and time on Earth, in Coordinated Universal Time.

Filtering and sorting the table

Some table columns can be filtered and sorted by clicking on the symbol in the column header and selecting from the available options. For example, you can sort a column in ascending or descending order. You might be interested in viewing rows after sol 1000, in which case you would select "Greater Than" and enter "1000" as the value before clicking the Filter button at the bottom (see the figure below).

To return the table to its original state, you can undo your sorting and filtering options, or simply click the "Reset table" button in the toolbar at the top of the window.

Exporting the data

You can export the table data to a PDF file or Excel-formatted spreadsheet. Click on the File button in the toolbar at the top of the window and select the desired output format. You may have to wait a few seconds as the data are compiled for output.