Getting started with search

Use the Notebook Search function to find data, documents, and targets. Click on the Search tab on the left side of the screen to get started. Then click on one of the tabs at the top of the panel corresponding to the type of search you wish to perform.

Selecting the search type

Search is divided into three parts: data search, target search, and sol document search.

Click on...
To find...

Single frame images
Non-image data products
Archive and context mosaics (panoramas)


MSL surface targets...

MER contact targets...

Sol documents

Sol documents

Working with the results

A few things can happen with your search.

  • You don't find anything. This can happen when you specify too many search criteria that, or perhaps your search is too narrow.
  • You find too much. Try narrowing your search criteria. For example, it doesn't make sense to issue request all data for the first 100 sols. That would be more than 10,000 data products!
  • You have results to work with. You may have just what you wanted, or you need to go back and change some search criteria.

Once you have results, you can view the details and, for data products and documents, add them to your cart for ordering later.