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InSight AN
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Mars 2020 AN
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The Notebook User section offers access to user specific information in the Notebook. Click on the User tab on the left side of the screen to get started. Available user functions are listed below.

The User history list provides quick access to your most recently accessed data, documents, and searches. Click on an item to open it.

Note that an image with the pencil icon indicates an image with annotations. Clicking on the icon will open the image directly in the Image viewer.

A listing of favorite items you've bookmarked. You may sort, delete, and open your favorites. Read more about using bookmarks to save favorites.
The cart function provides and overview of your cart contents and a set of actions to manage your cart and to place your order. Read more about using the cart and your order history.
There are a number of user-specific settings for customizing the Notebook. Read more about user settings.