Mini-TES mirror-dust-corrected data added

2017-1016 DATA RELEASE 

Mini-TES mirror-dust-corrected emissivity data and documentation from MER Spirit rover are released and data have been added to the Analyst's Notebook. See mirror-dust-corrected emissivity data and Mini-TES browse products.


This data set was prepared by Steve Ruff and funded by the NASA PDART program. It is archived by the PDS Geosciences Node . The new data set adds mirror-dust-corrected emissivity, emissivity standard deviation, and target temperature data products to existing Spirit rover Mini-TES data in the Notebook. Graphs of the emissivity and emissivity standard deviation products are included.

Two methods are available for finding the data in the Notebook.

  • In the Sol summaries, the new data are incorporated into the data product listings accessible on a per-sol basis.
  • In Search, click on Data search and specify one or more of the mirror-dust-corrected Product Types along with other search parameters:
    • EDC - mirror-dust-corrected emissivity
    • ESD - mirror-dust-corrected emissivity standard deviation
    • ETT - mirror-dust-corrected emissivity target temperature

Refer to user guide for more information about this data set.

The Mini-TES mirror-dust-corrected data set may be accessed from the PDS Geosciences Node online repository .