MSL Curiosity Analyst's Notebook

Access data from
Mars Science Laboratory.

The Analyst's Notebook combines sequence information, engineering and science data, and documentation for virtual mission replay.

Contains released data from first 449 sols.

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Current release
The Analyst's Notebook is a work in progress. Features are added regularly, often at the suggestion of our users. Data and documents are added to the Notebook concurrently with PDS data releases.

The Navcam mosaics are now online. Thanks to the PDS Imaging Node for providing early access! The most recent MAHLI, MARDI, Mastcam, Navcam, Hazcam, and REMS data were just released and are being processed into the Notebook.

All remaining data released through sol 449 are included in the Notebook.
New features
We added a lot of features to the Notbeook with this release:
  • Multiple windows: view multiple data products, documents, etc. concurrently.
  • User history: quickly access previous items by clicking on the History tab under Sol and Search.
  • Traverse map: all new and updated, with access to data right from the map.
  • Quick looks: download a JPEG version of an image from the product detail page.
  • Link sharing: find a cool bit of data? Share it on Facebook or send a link via email.
Note that the help hasn't caught up to the new features, but we're working on it!