MSL abbreviations and acronyms
Last updated 2016-01-22
A list of abbreviations, acronyms, and other terms used in MSL data and documentation.
ACE Flight Mission Controller
ACM Activity Constraint Manager
ActID Activity ID
AD Activity Dictionary
ADR Adaptive Data Rate
AEGIS Autonomous Exploration for Gathering Increased Science (rover software for intelligent targeting & data acquisition)
AFT Allowable Flight Temperatures
AM Before noon (a.m. time)
APAM Activity Plan Approval Meeting
APGEN Activity Plan Generator
APID Applications Process Identification
APSS Activity Planning and Sequencing Subsystem
APXS Alpha Particle X-ray Spectrometer
ART Anomaly Response Team
ATLO Assembly, Test, and Launch Operations
BASIE Bridging Activity planning and Sequence Integration Engineer
BATR Bagnold Access Traverse
BCB Battery Controller Board
BK Buckskin (drill sample)
BP Blueprint
BS Big Sky (drill sample)
C&DH Command and Data Handling
CAM Command Approval Meeting
CAP Characterization Activity Phase
CB Cumberland (drill sample)
CBM Communication Behavior Manager
CC Contamination Control
CCB Change Control Board
CCBU ChemCam Body Unit
CCCT ChemCam Calibration Targets
CCD Charge-Coupled Device
CCL Commerce Control List (for EAR)
CCMU ChemCam Mast Unit
CDC Condensed Drilling Campaign
CDPID Camera-assigned Data Product ID
CDS Central Data Store
CEDL Cruise & EDL
CETN Counter of Epithermal Neutrons
CFO Candidate for Observation
CH Confidence Hills (drill sample)
ChemCam Chemistry and Camera
CheMin Chemistry and Mineralogy
CHIMRA Collection and Handling for Interior Martian Rock Analysis
CIA Chemical Index of Alteration
CM Configuration Management
CMSA Cruise Mission Support Area
CogE Cognizant Engineer
COM Communication Window
COTS Commercial Off-The-Shelf
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check, a data error detection technique
CRISM Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars (on MRO)
CS Contact Science
CSPL Chemical Separation and Processing Laboratory (for SAM)
CSV Comma Separated Value
CSW Contact Switch
CTN Counter of Thermal Neutrons
CTS Coax Transfer Switch
CTX Context Camera (on MRO)
DAN Dynamic Albedo of Neutrons
DAWG Data Archive Working Group
DB Database
DBE Double Bit Error
DD Dust Devil
DDI Defined Data Item
DE Detectors/Electronics (on the DAN instrument)
DEA Digital Electronics Assembly (for MMM cameras)
DEM Digital Elevation Map
DFE Direct from Earth
DL Downlink
DM Data Management
DMT Data Management Tool
DMX Data Management
DOD Depth of Discharge
DOF Degree of Freedom
DOM Distributed Object Manager
DOSA Deactivate Other Sequences (All of them)
DOY Day of Year
DP Data Product
DPSR Data Product Summary Report
DRT Dust Removal Tool
DSN Deep Space Network
DTE Direct to Earth
DV Data Volume
DVT Data Validity Time (DVT approximately correlates to the SCLK time that the data product was created by the Rover Compute Element (RCE)
E/S Engineering/Science
EAR Export Administration Regulations
EBT Electrical Baseline Test (for SAM)
ECAM Engineering Cameras (Navcams & Hazcams)
ECCN Export Control Classification Number (for EAR)
ECR Engineering Change Request
ECS Evolved Cached Sample (the new way of caching in CHIMRA)
EDL Entry, Descent, and Landing
EDR Experiment Data Record
EGA Evolved Gas Analysis
EHA Engineering Housekeeping and Accountability
EKO Engineering Keepout
ELT Electra Lite UHF radio
EM Extended Mission
ENV Atmosphere and Environment Science Theme Group
EO Engineering Operations
EPO Education and Public Outreach
ERT Earth Receive Time
ET Earth Time
E-Tray Engineering Observation Tray
ETT Earth Transmit Time
EUL Engineering Uplink Lead
EVR Event Verification Record
FEI File Exchange Interface
FHAZ Front Hazcam
FINCON FINal CONditions (for SEQGEN)
FL Focal Length
FMFT Fast Motion Field Test (held in 2011)
FMWI Full MAHLI Wheel Imaging
FOD Foreign Object Debris
FOV Field of View
FP Fault Protection
FR Flight Rule
FSTB Flight Software Testbed
FSW Flight Software
FSWX Flight Software Transition (upgrade to a new version)
FTA First Time Activity
GAZ CAL Calibration of G (G = the winding conductance of a motor)
GC Gas Chromatograph
GC Garden City
GCM Global Circulation Model (atmosphere)
GCMS Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer
GCR Galactic Cosmic Ray
GDS Ground Data System
GDSA Ground Data System Analyst
GEO Geology Science Theme Group
GH Greenhorn (drill sample)
GIL Ground in the Loop (allows time for people on Earth to study downlink data from Mars)
GOP Group of Pictures (JPEG video frames)
GST Generic Sol Time (same as LMST)
GTS Ground Temperature Sensor (on REMS)
Hazcam Hazard avoidance camera
HEOMD Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate
HePPI Helpful Product Priority Identifier (for MMM products)
HGA High Gain Antenna
HGAG High Gain Antenna Gimbal
HiRISE High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (on MRO)
HO Handover
HRIM High Resolution Interval Mode (for the REMS Humidity Sensor)
HRS Heat Rejection System
HS Humidity Sensor
HW Hardware
IC Inlet Cover (inlets for SAM and CheMin)
IE Instrument Engineer
IML Instrument Management Layer (software for communication between RCE and the science instruments)
IMU Inertial Measurement Unit
INCON INitial CONditions (for SEQGEN)
IPA Integrated Pump Assembly
IPE Integrated Planning and Execution
ISA Incident, Surprise, Anomaly (report)
ISR Internal Series Resistance (of a battery)
ITAR International Traffic in Arms Regulations
IVP Inertial Vector Pointing
JK John Klein (drill sample)
KO Kickoff
KOP Keeper of the Plan
LAP Look Ahead Plan
LAPM Look Ahead Plan Meeting
LCA Launch, Cruise, and Approach
LCC Load Control Card
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
LED Light Emitting Diode
LED Light Emitting Diode
LGA Low Gain Antenna
LIBS Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (in ChemCam)
LL Local Level (coordinate frame)
LMST Local Mean Solar Time
LOCO LOw COmplexity LOssless COmpression
LOS Line of Sight
LS Listing (of DMX files)
LST Local Solar Time
LTP Long Term Planner
LTST Local True Solar Time
M/S Master/Submaster
M/SM Master/Submaster Walkthrough
MAHLI Mars Hand Lens Imager
MARDI Mars Descent Imager
MaROS Mars Relay Operations Service
Mastcam Mast Camera
MAVEN Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN
MDM MMM Data Management Lead
MEDLI Mars EDL Instrument
MER Mars Exploration Rover (Spirit & Opportunity rovers)
MEX Mars Express
MGS Mars Global Surveyor
MIF Mass-Independent Fractionation (for example:MIF-S for sulfur isotopes)
MIN Inorganic Geochemistry and Mineralogy Science Theme Group
MiniKOP KOP for a Science Theme Group
MJ Mojave 2 (drill sample)
MM Mission Manager
MMM Mastcam, MAHLI, and MARDI instruments
MMPAT Multi-Mission Power Analysis Tool
MMRTG MultiMission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator
MMS Mojave Mars Simulant
MOB Mobility
MPCS Mission data Processing and Control Subsystem
MPSEditor Mission Planning and Sequencing Editor
MRO Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
MRS-1 Mars Regolith Simulant-1
MS Mission System
MSA Mission Support Area
MSAR Mount Sharp Ascent Route
MSL Mars Science Laboratory
MSLICE Mars Science Laboratory InterfaCE (software)
MSoB Mount Sharp or Bust (working group)
MSSS Malin Space Science Systems
MSTB Mission System Testbed
MTIF MSL Telecom Interface
MTL MMM Tactical Lead
MySQL My Structured Query Language
NAIF Navigation and Ancillary Information Facility
NAND N(OT) + AND (a type of nonvolatile storage)
NAV Navigation
Navcam Navigation camera
nextersol tomorrow's Mars day (or "solorrow")
NG noble gas
NOPE Network Operations Planning Engineer
NPM Nonvolatile Parameter Management
NSYT InSight
NVM Nonvolatile Memory
NVMCAM Nonvolatile Memory Camera Interface
OCM Organic Check Material
ODS Operational Data Store
ODY Mars Odyssey
OIA Operational Interface Agreement
OPGS Operational Product Generation Subsystem
ORT Operational Readiness Test
O-Tray Observation Tray
OWLT One Way Light Time
PADS Powder Acquisition Drill System
PAM Power & Analog Module
PDC Payload Downlink Coordinator
PDI Post-Drive Imaging
PDL Payload Downlink Lead
PDS Planetary Data System
PEF Predicted Events File
PEL Payload Element Lead
PEL Power Equipment List
PFR Problem Failure Report
PI Principal Investigator
PIRCC Pahrump Imaging Reconnaissance and ChemCam Campaign
PLACES Position Localization and Attitude Correction Estimate Storage
PLS Partial Least Squares
PM Afternoon (p.m. time)
PNG Pulsing Neutron Generator (on DAN)
PP Planetary Protection
PRI Priority
PRML Preview Rover Markup Language
PRT Platinum Resistance Thermometer
PSD Planetary Science Division
PSE Project System Engineer
PSG Project Science Group
PUDL Payload Uplink and Downlink Lead
PUL Payload Uplink Lead
QL QuickLook data product
QMDT Qualification Model Dirty Testing (for SA/SPaH)
QMS Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer
RA Robotic Arm
RAD Radiation Assessment Detector
RAD750 BAE Systems' radiation-hardened single board version of the IBM PowerPC 750 computer
RAMP Rover Avionics Mounting Plate
RAMPAGE Remote Access Multi-mission Processing and Ground Environment
RBAU Rover Battery Assembly Unit
RBF Rover Body Fixed coordinate frame
RCE Rover Compute Element (rover computer)
RCT Record Creation Time
RDR Reduced Data Record
REMS Rover Environmental Monitoring Station
REPRI Reprioritize
REU Remote Engineering Unit
REXMIT Retransmit
RF Radio Frequency
RFA Request For Action
RHAZ Rear Hazcam
RIMU Rover IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit)
RIPA Rover Integrated Pump Assembly
RMC Rover Motion Counter
RMCA Rover Motor Controller Assembly
RMI Remote Microscopic Imager (in ChemCam)
RMSEP Root Mean Squared Error of Prediction
RN Rocknest (scoop sample)
RNAV Rover Navigation (coordinate frame)
ROP Rate of Penetration
RoSE Robotic Sequence Editor
RP Rover Planner
RPA Rover Power Assembly
RPAM Rover Power and Analog Module
RPFA Rover Pyro Fire Assembly
RSM Remote Sensing Mast
RSVP Rover Sequencing and Visualization Program
RT Real-time
R-T Rapid-Traverse
RTG Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator
RTO Real Time Operations
RTR Rapid Transit Route (to Mount Sharp)
RTS Resource Tracking System
S/C Spacecraft
SAM Sample Analysis at Mars
SAPE Science Activity Planning Exercise (held in 2008)
SAPP Surface Attitude, Positioning, and Pointing
SA-SPaH Sample Acquisition/Sample Processing, and Handling (arm, drill, scoop, sieves, portioners)
SATT Sample Analysis Thread Test
SB Science Block (in the activity plan)
SBE Single Bit Error
SCET Spacecraft Event Time (UTC time an event happens aboard the spacecraft)
SCLK Spacecraft Clock
SCMF Space Command Message File
SD Science Discussion (meeting)
SDRAM Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory
SDST Small Deep Space Transponder
SEP Solar Energetic Particle
SEP Sun-Earth-Probe (important angle used for conjunction planning)
SEQ Sequence or Sequencing
SeqDB Sequence database
SEQGEN SEQuence validation and command product GENeration
SFP System Fault Protection
SIE Sequence Integration Engineer
SIRLi Strategic Image Request List
SIS Software Interface Specification
SMFT Slow Motion Field Test (held in 2007)
SMM Strategic Mission Manager
SMMWG Surface Materials & Mobility Working Group
SMSA Surface Mission Support Area
SNC Shergottites, Nakhlites, and Chassignites (martian meteorites)
SNTT Surface Nominal Thread Test
SO Science Operations
SOAS Science Operations & Analysis Subsystem
SOC State of Charge
SOE Sequence of Events
SOH State of Health
soliday holiday from planning the rover's next sol, due to the alignment of Mars and Earth time
solorrow tomorrow's Mars day (or "nextersol")
SOWG Science Operations Working Group
SP Science Planner
SPAM Sample Processing Acquisition Manager
SPaSIE Science Planner + Sequence Integration Engineer (a combined role)
SPICE Spacecraft, Planet, Instrument, Pointing C-Matrix, and Event Kernels
SPL Strategic Planning Lead
SPS Surface Properties Scientist
SPWI Single Position Wheel Imaging
SRAP Slip Risk Assessment Process
SRW Sequence Report Walkthrough
SSF Spacecraft Sequence File
SSP Strategic Science Planner
SSPA Solid State Power Amplifier
SSS Surface Sampling System
SSS AL Surface Sampling System Activity Lead
ST Schedule Table (for the REMS instrument)
STAG Supra-Tactical Approval Gate
STG Science Theme Group
STL Science Theme Group Lead
STR Safest Transit Route
STR Strategic Transit Route
STT System Thermal Test
SUL Strategic Uplink Lead
SUR Science Uplink Representative
SUROM Startup Read-Only Memory (ROM)
SuTL Supra Tactical Lead
SYS System
TAA Technical Assistance Agreement (ITAR license for export compliance)
TACT Tactical Activity Coordination Tagup
TAM Target Acquisition Meeting
TAP Tactical Activity Plan
TB Testbed
TC Team Chief
TCS Thermal Control System
TDL Tactical Downlink Lead
TEC Thermo Electric Cooler
TEL Telecommunications
TFA Two-Factor Authentication
TLS Tunable Laser Spectrometer
TOAST Touch, Overnight, Stow Arm, and Traverse
TOD Time of Day
tosol martian "today"
TP Telegraph Peak (drill sample)
TT Thread Test
TUL Tactical Uplink Lead
TWTA Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier
UHF Ultra-High Frequency
UL Uplink
ULSGEN Uplink Summary Generation
UMT Upload Management Table
USML U.S. Munitions List (for ITAR)
UVS UV Spectrometer
V&V Verification and Validation
V&V (VnV) Verification and Validation
VDP Virtual Data Product
VI Verification Item
VIG Volatiles and Isotope Geochemistry Science Theme Group
VIPER Visual Predicted Events File (PEF) Reader
VNV Verification and Validation
VO Visual Odometry
VOCA Voice Operational Communications Assembly
VOM Visual Odometry Monitoring (VO run continuously to monitor for rover slip)
VSTB Vehicle System Testbed
VTT Visual Target Tracking
WEB Warm Electronics Box
WJ Windjana (drill sample)
WP Waypoint
WRP Wide Range Pump (in SAM)
WS Wind Sensor
WSTS Workstation Test Set
WTS Waveguide Transfer Switch
XRD X-ray Diffraction
yestersol martian "yesterday"
YKB Yellowknife Bay