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MSL Curiosity Landed Operations Historical Overview
The mission is summarized with brief entries for each day's activity. Click on a sol to go to the Sol Summary for that sol.

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SolActivityStart siteL sub SUTC at local noon
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1 HGA Deploy and Characterization and Remote Sensing1151.152012-08-07 02:151
2 HGA Point to Earth, RSM Deploy and Range of Motion Checks, Sunfind, and Remote Sensing1151.682012-08-08 02:542
3 HGA Characterization, FSW Transition Preparation, Instrument Checkouts, and Remote Sensing2152.212012-08-09 03:343
4 FSW Transition Preparation2152.742012-08-10 04:134
5 FSW Transition Activity3153.272012-08-11 04:525
6 FSW Transition Activity3153.802012-08-12 05:326
7 FSW Transition Activity3154.342012-08-13 06:117
8 FSW Transition Activity3154.872012-08-14 06:518
9 Instrument Checkouts3155.402012-08-15 07:309
10 Instrument Checkouts3155.942012-08-16 08:1010
11 Instrument Checkouts3156.482012-08-17 08:4911
12 Instrument Checkouts and Targeted Remote Sensing3157.012012-08-18 09:2812
13 Instrument Checkouts and Targeted Remote Sensing3157.552012-08-19 10:0813
14 Arm Unstow, SSS Aliveness Checkouts, and Targeted Remote Sensing3158.092012-08-20 10:4714
15 Steering Actuator Checkout and Targeted Remote Sensing3158.632012-08-21 11:2715